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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

5G’s And A Cup Of Joe

Vernon Weiss, aka “Regular Joe”, almost gets the concept of what Robert Kiyosaki was trying to bring to the worlds attention. Regular Joe‘s 5G’s are:

  • God: Because he should be first and foremost in our lives and decisions
  • Grub: I just like the sound better than Groceries that some lists use. (I admit it … I am sort of a Red Neck.)
  • Guns: Without the ability to protect life, liberty and property you won’t have them for long, particularly in a breakdown of the social order.
  • Ground: This speaks to owning a home and land.  This is not a luxury that everyone has and can also speak to whatever housing you have whether renting an apartment in large city or a house in the country.
  • Gold:  While obviously gold is an asset that retains value this category also includes silver and other types of monetary systems such as barter.

I left out Robert Kiyosaki’s listing of gasoline as God is a much higher priority that he left out and gasoline is something that we can definitely live without, (although it is hard to imagine in this country and life would change drastically.  The majority of the world’s population did not buy one gallon of gasoline in the past 12 months.)

And that’s where I have to disagree… it’s not about gasoline! It’s about power, heat, modes of transportation, energy, fuel, etc. It’s about maintaining the lifestyle that we are currently living. It’s about being able to drive to work. Drive to your retreat. Drive to collect family to keep them safe. It’s about having fuel to run farm amchinary. It’s about having electricity to light your home. It’s about having 5 chords of wood stacked in your yard. And if you currently live in the bush each and every day and use a campfire to keep warm and cook your food, then the likelihood is you are already one step ahead of us energy hungry technology hogs when the power goes out!

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I would also like to add that there have not been many new blogs from Regular Joe in recent months, as I recall reading somewhere that Vernon has been ill. I would therefore like to suggest to those of you who pray to send a little message into the universe and wish Vernon a good recovery and a happy and healthy life going forward. Keep on blogging!

Take care out there people, because it’s going to ugly real soon!

Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…

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