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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

New to prepping?

New to prepping?

I highly recommend those new to prepping check out the following article Surviving An Urban Disaster – By Richard Duarte. It’s in the June 2013 issue of SWAT Magazine (Survival Weapons and Tactics). Very well written and covers the basics…

“Consider the following: The main goal of urban survival preparation/planning is to increase your chances of staying alive during and after a crisis.”


This is a basic statement and I fully agree… it’s not about having ten thousand pounds of grain stored in an underground nuclear bunker. It’s about surviving the initial crisis so that you can get to your bunker (if you should have one).

“Urban survival requires skills, supplies and preparations that are tailored to urban/suburban environments.”

I’ve been saying for years that Prior Preparation and Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, and that is as exact as it gets. You need to have a few things in place (especially in your own mind) to help you, your family, friends and neighbours survive the initial crisis. Get educated… and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future… is the 7 G’s motto, sort of speak.

“After any crisis, social order can deteriorate or completely break down. Panic, confusion and general frustration can drive many otherwise peaceful people to commit acts of aggression and violence. Having a plan and being prepared allow you to either leave safely to a pre-determined location or quietly shelter in place, avoiding the potential chaos outside your door.”

I personally cannot afford a permanent bug out location, for several reasons not just financial, and so my plan is to hunker down and wait the storm out. I have witnessed man’s ingenuity to unleash violence and death on his fellow-man. I have seen chaos and disorder. I have seen the lengths desperate people have gone to for simple basics. Should social disorder and chaos ensue because of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack then the government will try to help (but don’t count on it arriving in a timely fashion). However think about this, what if the Government is the cause of the chaos!? Who will help you then? More likely that you are herded like cattle into camps so that the Government agencies can better “provide for your needs”. My plan, regardless of the disaster is to stay below the radar of any Government authority in my city. I have the basics covered, and I am always looking to improve my supplies, my skills and my knowledge to survive and thrive beyond the crisis.

“No plan is 100% infallible. But even some very basic preparations can dramatically increase your chances of survival.”

Anyone who has any experience of organizing or participating in a public event, knows full well that it never goes exactly to plan. Military plans cover much, much more detail and cover off as many different scenario variations as possible, but every single possible outcome and eventuality cannot be covered. It’s impossible! But saying that, just having a basic framework of a plan and remaining calm in the crisis will give you a huge advantage.

“Plan ahead, remain flexible and adapt to changes in circumstances.”

This speaks for itself. Don’t be so rigid that when the plan falls apart that you don’t know what to do… Stop, Assess, Think, Act!

“Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”

This is all about keeping a positive mental attitude and remaining calm. Of course there will be times of frustration, of disappointment, of fear and these can be viewed as positive in that you now are able to focus on the problem that is causing these negative feelings and emotions. Turn it all around, resort back to the plan. If the plan has fallen apart, then make a new plan and communicate that plan to your family, friends and neighbours.

Richard then goes on to briefly review the basics; Water, Food, First Aid/Medical, Security, Bugging Out, Hygiene/ Sanitation, and Tools. I cannot stress enough how much Hygiene and Sanitation gets overlooked… this can be the death of you, literally, for ignoring sanitation. Ask yourself what happens when you can’t flush the toilet? What do you do with all the waste?

You can read more of Richard’s article by subscribing to the magazine online @

Remember the 7 G’s of survival are: Grub, Ground, Gas, Guns, Gold, Gear & Guidance!





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