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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

Black Friday @ Walmart

What’s on Tap for Black Friday: Strikes, Protests, Anger – Oh, and Some Deals

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It’s never a good idea for stores to upset customers. Considering how important the holiday period is for retailers, right now is an especially bad time to get shoppers and employees agitated. Yet this especially big week for holiday shopping will be marked with plenty of anger and disappointment aimed at major retailers.

What seems to really getting folks up in arms, however, is the way that commercialism is creeping into the once-sacrosanct holiday of Thanksgiving, as it becomes commonplace for stores to open with deals aplenty on Thanksgiving night.

Give Thanksgiving back to families. The world won’t end if people have wait 7 more hours to buy useless junk that will be outdated in a year anyway.

And with that said… Walmart is opening it’s Black Friday Sales celebrations at 8pm on Thursday (Thanksgiving) night !!!

So if thrifty shopping of plastic gadgetry and cheap chinese stuff is more important than sharing turkey dinner and pumpkin pie with your loved ones then by all means take a trip down to Walmart and load up on bargains galore. Do try not to trample anyone when the doors open, and please no guns or tasers or pepper spray whilst you are all waiting in line…

And with regards to guns (or more accurately firearms), Walmart made a deal with Ruger earlier this year to provide one million Ruger firearms (mostly rifles) to Walmart, which is the main reason why there are so few Ruger platforms being shipped north of the border. After having had a number of personal telephone conversations with Ruger Customer Service staff in Newport, NH and Prescott, AZ, it appears that Ruger are now seven months behind on their regular production runs because of the commitment to provide one million units for Walmart.

Good news… as long as the world doesn’t end on December 21st, 2012.

You can check out Ruger firearms @

Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…

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