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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

Gun Control Isn’t the Answer

Rick Ackerman writes:

The shooting rampage in Connecticut makes any other topic seem trivial at the moment. When America gets back to business on Monday it will be with a heavy heart and the bewildering feeling that we are powerless to do anything about such violence, now or in the future. Those who advocate gun control undoubtedly believe their cause is just.  But they might as well be talking about banning automobiles to save what remains of the world’s coral reefs and glaciers. For even if it could be done, and even if carbon emissions were the undisputed cause of the problem, it is already too late.  Better to adapt than to tilt at windmills.  To suggest that gun control is the cure for rampages like the one that occurred on Friday is to avoid confronting the real problem: civilization itself is mentally ill. And for that, there are no easy cures — certainly not outlawing certain types of weapons.

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I couldn’t agree more! I heard that an NRA A+ member has joined the Government band wagon of knee-jerkers to legislate gun control…

I live in Canada so myself and my North Of the Border brothers in arms are completely familiar with excessive gun control legislation…

Take care out there, it’s not getting any easier out there.
Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…

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  1. Magnificent. I agree.

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