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How To Lead A Country (Divided)… NOT !!!

How To Lead A Country (Divided)… NOT !!!

Glenn Beck writes: When your political argument will not hold up to an ounce of scrutiny, be sure to bring out the kids. Lots and lots of cute, smiling, innocent little children.

Oh my! Mister Obama (“Mister” as I no longer recognize him as a President) has signed no less than 23 Executive Orders calling for new bans on “military-style assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition magazines and for universal background checks for gun buyers.

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This is a kick in the groin to all gun owners in North America! Let’s hope that the NRA and other “out there” spokes persons do not continue to polarize the situation further.

Obama (surrounded by his “children”) needs to get off his emotional high horse and stop horsing around and get back to stable common grounds and discuss this position like rational educated people and not knee-jerk reactionists!

Kids have been killed by guns for years… I agree… BUT kids have been killed before they become kids for far longer (abortion). Kids have been killed by irresponsible people who have been banned from driving, legislated against from drinking and driving, locked up and released for raping and killing kids, etc etc etc…

Obama is making guns a scape goat for all the other SH!T that he can’t deal with… it’s not guns that kill! It’s people! WHEN THE FRICK WILL YOU GET THAT… YOU A$$ CLOWN ?


So… How To Lead A Country (Divided)… DON’T continue to do what you’re doing now, and face up to your financial and budgetary responsibilities! Quit playing politics with people’s emotions…

Gun registries and gun legislation is going to cost the US taxpayer billions of dollars !!!

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