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Taco Bell and the World Series

I just read that Taco Bell gave out free Doritos Locos Tacos nationwide on Tuesday afternoon (October 30, 2012) in honor of the World Series, which the San Francisco Giants won in a four-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers. I also read that Fast food brands often turn to giveaways to build customer loyalty and goodwill…

You can read more @,0,5034537.story

Seriously people! Fast food is fast becoming the death of our nation! We already have an epidemic problem with obesity in our children. They have less time in the school curriculum to do sports and other outdoor activities, which only exasperates the problem. They sit home and play video games, and watch incessant and pointless pseudo-realty TV shows about kids who know better than their parents, teaching a know-it-all attitude and a vastly superior ego and a culture of disrespect.

Where am I going with this? Fast food is rotting our minds, our bodies and our will to live! The convenience of fast food is that no-one believes they have time for wholesome nutritional food, they would rather spend the time in front of the TV instead of preparing a nourishing meal. There is a surprisingly vast percentage of our modern society who don’t even know that cows produce milk, and that the dairies process and squirt the milk into square cartons for your convenience… Very few people know where their food comes from now-a-days! Even fewer care to know how to prepare and cook their own food. And as to the art of preserving fruit and curing meat for winter storage, it is all but forgotten. It’s not just for hill-billies! We should all know how to prepare raw food.

Ask yourself this: If the power goes out and I can no-longer watch my PVR’d reality TV shows, who will provide me with fast convenient micro-waveable TV dinners?

If the power goes out this will certainly disrupt the food production and supply networks. Do yourself and your family a favour, learn to eat a balanced diet of unprocessed and raw foods. Many people (eating fast foods) eat far too many simple carbohydrates (sugars and starches). A proper balance of around 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 20% fats is required for a healthy active lifestyle. Unprocessed food refers to unrefined, unbleached, and none pre-packaged food. Rather you must obtain it raw and cook it. Raw food refers to fresh fruit and vegetables preferably grown in your own garden. At least 25% of your daily food intake should be raw, as cooking actually destroys almost all of the good enzymes contained in organic natural food. And finally learn not to over indulge (reduce your portion size and fight the temptation to eat a daily desert).

The American past-time is not Football or Baseball or Basketball…
The Canadian past-time is not Hockey…
Sport is not a National Institution !

The North American pass-time is eating fast food, drinking copious amounts of beer and WATCHING sport on TV… that’s our National Institution.

Dare to be different… prepare for a different future…

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  1. I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brhoter out.

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