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USC Shooting At Halloween Party Left Four Wounded

Why is it that California thinks it has to throw better parties than everyone else?

I’m thinking that the “Freak or Greek” party goers must have been ill-informed members of the Black Student Assembly believing that the Zombie Apocalypse had begun.


Firstly… California does not need any more bad media to further legislate more stringent gun control. It is already ridiculous beyond compare!! Well maybe not as bad as Canada, but close!

Secondly… Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck pledged to make USC the safest urban university in the country. Really!? Chief Beck did you really shine your badge and kiss-ass with that more-cost-to-the-tax-payer statement? Matt Hamilton (a 25 year old journalism graduate) said it best replying with “I don’t think you want to make a police state of your campus”.

And thirdly… California is already struggling with an alarming $28 billion “wall of debt”… so who is going to pay for the extra 30 police officers in the campus area, and the staff to monitor the crime prediction computers?

We don’t need more gun control! We don’t need more police officers! We don’t need more legislation or Government intervention. We don’t need a New World Order. We want to be left alone! We want to be able to defend ourselves from anyone or anything that would use force to deny us of our life, liberty or property.

I’d like you all to watch a very clever and thought provoking video about the Libertarian mindset.

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