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What’s with all the shootings-by-cop lately?

What’s with all the shootings-by-cop lately?

What’s with all the shootings-by-cop lately?

There have been literally hundreds of people (and animals) killed by poorly trained, poorly equipped Police Officers across the USA & Canada these past few months. I’m disgusted at some of the video footage and Big Media news reports that are publicly available that clearly show how inadequate Police Officers are equipped, and when I say equipped I don’t mean “equipment” necessarily. They often lack basic skills!

Lack of clear and concise communication is the primary cause of any aggressive behaviour. Whether or not there is alcohol or other psychological inhibitions to be factored in, a Police Officer should always be aware of the people (s)he is sworn to protect and serve. Race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, etc. All these factors need to be considered as the Police Officer approaches the scene,  along with specific tactical information such as number of people involved, witness information, other background check information, etc. The Police Officer(s) should ALWAYS enter into a situation with a clear and open mind, so that clear and concise communications can be established with the subject.

The problem is… too many Police Officers deal with “scum” every day that they start to believe everyone is scum (this happened to many of my colleagues when I was serving). They start to treat every day people with an arrogant attitude and filter much of their normal emotional response out of the information they receive, subconsciously believing that this will save their lives. In truth yes it will save the life of the Police Officer many times when dealing with violent criminals, however when dealing with normal public situations that require some level of cool headed-ness and rationality it often gets “innocent” people killed.

The new politically-correct Police Service does not recruit it’s Police Officers from a pool of ex-military personnel. In fact, it is frowned upon by many of the Police Services across the USA and Canada, who seem to prefer to recruit 24 year old, Asian or African-American, 100lb, female school teachers, librarians, and social workers. This fills their Government-enforced recruitment quotas. However, this pool of Rookies has no tactical or situational awareness and after only a few months on the street they become quickly embittered by the Service and their emotional and rational minds become exhausted and then mistakes occur… people get shot, and people get killed, and a great many lives are ruined.

Don’t blame the fool with the knife… the inadequately trained, poorly equipped, emotionally exhausted Police Officer  is often VERY much to blame. Yes OK, I wasn’t there and hindsight is a wonderful thing, blah blah blah…

Big Media and the Police Service can KISS MY WHITE AGNOSTIC ASS !!!

There were a whole bunch of cops there when Sammy Yatim was shot 9 times (in 13 seconds)! They obviously had time to call back-up, they obviously had time to call in less-lethal options. Anyone think about a loud barking dog instead of cops shouting threats through the door of the bus???

Talk about a distinct lack of situational awareness!!! For crying out loud guys (and girls)… flash bangs work great for shit like that. Taser? Pepper spray? You could have waited him out some more and waited for specialist equipment instead of… “I missed my coffee break, let’s get this shit over with!” He wasn’t going anywhere.

And right after the shooting there was only ONE Police Officer that moved in and appeared to know WTF he was doing! There were at least 3 Police Officers that had no clue even what day it was and wandered around in circles completely dumbfounded and in shock as to what they had just witnessed and their subconscious mind (knowing that what had just occurred was NOT to policy) wrestled with their hunter-gatherer prehistoric mind “Fight or Flight… ummm…. I dunno!? I’ll just spend the next few moments being a mendicant until someone gives me an order… or I find a coffee shop!”

For crying out loud… this shit should NOT happen! And now the anti-gun haters have another platform on which to stand!

The Government and the Police Service need to overturn their politically-correct policies and start to recruit ex-military guys and girls once again! They are much better “equipped” to remain cool when immersed into a stressful situation… It’s THAT simple!

Wake the hell up people! And take care out there…


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