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YouTube – Colion Noir

YouTube – Colion Noir

Yes… Yes… I’ve been taking a knap!

It’s been a while I agree… Reality has shamefully been keeping me busy, with the longer days and the sunshine you would think you should have more time in the day to be busy doing the things you like… not so! But I’ll not rant on about that. I stumbled across a YouTube video and then found that this guy has a channel and has been producing intelligent pro-gun media. Honestly, I like some of the stuff, not having watched it all at the time of writing, but this guy is good. Very positive arguments, explores both sides of the argument, tells it like it is. This is honest media, and when I say that I mean this is how Big Media should be reporting the facts to the general populace of the planet and not glorifying the Mass Shooter, instead glorifying the person that stops the Mass Shooter.

Check out Colion Noir’s videos @

In his words “The reality is that the only person responsible for your safety is YOU!”



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