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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

Gold & Silver Prices Plummet

Gold & Silver Prices Plummet

Ever wondered what’s going on with the economy?

Take a look at the physical Gold and Silver market prices… you should be worried!

It is being manipulated by the illuminated uber rich who own the Federal Reserve Bank, and many other big government lending institutions around the globe. If you think you’re in debt and having difficulty paying your bills now, you will not want to know what tomorrow has in store for you. It’s going to be worse than the bubble of 2008 and the devastation and effects of this economic collapse will last a decade following the collapse, before there is even the slightest sign of a recovery. Inflation, hyper inflation, increased cost of living, increased interest rates, increased food prices, increased fuel prices, increased unemployment, increased cost of health care, increased sickness and disease, etc etc. The list goes on!  And if you can’t pay… the Government will find you assisted housing options (Camp FEMA anyone?)

Wake up people! Remove yourself from the heard of sheeple who continue to be wide-asleep in their daily routines ruled by their smart phones, fast food and reality TV.

These Kitco charts show the manipulated price of Gold and Silver dropping drastically during February 2013…

aufeb13 agfeb13

Understand however that this is a period in time in which you should be taking opportunity of Gold and Silver prices being falsely deflated. Don’t be one of the sheeple who at the time of the bubble continued to buy buy buy because falsely inflated prices caught the attention of the ill informed uneducated trendy heard, who thought they could make a fast buck or two!

Buy Gold and Silver now! These prices will not (they CANNOT) stay this low for much longer without further manipulation of the markets. And even if they do, it will be time to buy again. This insurance policy will serve you and your family for the future… more so than any retirement savings pension plan! I’m being serious! This is NOT a pitch-a-thon insisting that you buy my gold and silver, or from my preferred vendor, this is me telling you to look out for your own. Your dollars in your bank account aren’t going to be worth anything. I guarantee toilet paper will be a my highly valued and tradeable commodity than cash dollars…

For the few out there in the prepper community, I salute you! Good job guys and girls… but you need to go above and beyond and pass this message to your neighbours and colleagues… SHARE IT on Facebook (while there still is an internet and a Facebook).

You can buy Gold and Silver locally in most big towns and cities. You can buy it online very easily @ (Canada) or (US). There are a great many other companies selling bullion, coins, rounds, collectibles, etc. You may even get some old “junk silver” coins from a Pawn Shop for a good price. I would personally recommend everyone start by purchasing minted silver coins!

There is lots of information available out there on the internet but I would recommend you all read this book, before it’s too late!


Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…


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