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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...

The 7 G’s of Modern Survival by George

George gets it… this was his take on the 7 G’s (Apr 27, 2011):

God, Guts, Guns, Groceries, Gasoline, Gold & Garden. Read more @

I particularly agree with him when he says “The third G represents security. Where there is no security, there is no peace. You must have security.”

I also very much agree with “The sixth G represents a lasting, unmanipulatable, store of value. I cannot stress enough that dollars are really worthless strips  of paper that we all “agree” to trade for things of real value. Gold  (and silver) are REAL money and real value. They are more universally  agreed upon value. The government constantly manipulates the value of  dollars but cannot manipulate the value of gold or silver easily or meaningfully over time. At the turn of the century, a 1 oz gold coin would  buy a new Colt 45 revolver. Guess what? It still will. Gold then was  $20 an oz. Gold now is $1100 an ounce. A Colt revolver was $20 then and  is about $1000 now. So what changed? The revolver didn’t change. The  gold didn’t change. THE DOLLAR CHANGED! Storing dollars is like storing  glasses of water. The substance that makes them worth anything  evaporates over time. Gold and silver do not evaporate like dollars. Any  purchase of those precious metals that you can afford is, truly, better  than money in the banks. Way better! Banks go broke from lousy  management. Even if you abuse your silver and gold and throw them in a  hole, unprotected, in the ground. In ten years, they’ll still be worth  90% of what they were when they were shiny and new!

Note: Today (Nov 2, 2012) Gold is $1700 per ounce, and Silver $32 per ounce.

People! Please start doing your research. The more educated and prepared you are, the less you will have to rely on an imploding Government system when hyperinflation occurs!

Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…

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