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Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future...


Guidance is the MOST important of all the 7G’s!!! It refers to a great many things and is all encompassing. It is knowledge, education, books, courses, schools, training, practice, etc.

Guidance also refers to spiritual guidance, and there are many people out there that would separate this into it’s own G for God category, but I do not subscribe to that doctrine. Spiritual guidance is for those of you who want to believe in a god or a faith or a religion, but is not specific to one god or faith or religion. It is my choice not to be spiritually guided by an organization. I also say that I am not condemning anyone that does have a faith, a religion and/or a god, and I would ask you ALL to respect everyone else’s beliefs and religious freedoms!

I refuse to let this blog become a pissing contest for self-righteous pompous-incompetant do-gooders who believe all other faiths should be crucified or burned at the stake! You have been warned!!!

Ask yourself:  What will I do WTSHTF? How will I know what to do next? How will I know how to do it? How will I know when to do it? Who will guide me? Or did my failure to plan cause me to rely on an ill prepared government to look after me?

Get educated, and be prepared to survive the uncertainty of the near future…

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