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This week Jeff’s got something to say about the irrational rantings in the New York Times


Jeff Knox challenges paper for claiming Obama is no threat to 2nd Amendment rights

By Jeff Knox
The New York Times might contain “all the news fit to print,” but it also contains bias, distortion and outright lies supporting failed policies and irrational fears.
On Black Friday, as Americans were setting another record in single-day firearm purchases, the Times editorial board was decrying the lack of action in Congress on gun control and calling for President Obama to keep his promises to pursue gun-control legislation.
In typical, disingenuous Times fashion, they denigrated gun owners for taking Obama’s “tepid remark” about gun control during the presidential debates as a threat, and then characterized these same remarks from Obama as “promises” to pursue a new “assault weapons” ban and to go after “cheap handguns.”
So which is it, Times? Are Americans crazy to think that Obama might impose restrictions on the firearms they want to own, or did Obama “promise” to do just that?
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