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My Ruger SR22 Rifle

My Ruger SR22 Rifle

This is the first in a short series of articles on my Ruger SR-22-RSC and all the extra stuff I have purchased for it this past year.

Firstly, you can view the basic model Ruger SR-22-RSC @

The SRC model is available in Canada and across North America, though you may have to do some calling around as stocks are just beginning to be replenished and deliveries re-established after last years (2012) back log of production/orders when WalMart placed a 1 million unit order for the various models of Ruger 10/22 rifles… I would be guessing but WalMart believed that we believed the end of the Mayan Calendar meant that everyone wanted a Ruger 10/22 !?!?!?

After reviewing the website and specification sheet I suppose I have last years model (2012 – see Featured Image) which looks slightly different from the one featured in the current 2013 website, having no Rapid Deploy Sights fitted to mine. It came with a crowned muzzle, there was however also the option of a threaded barrel (for those with access to pointy-end accessories, if you know what I mean !?)

This is what the website says:

The Ruger® SR-22® rifle is an autoloading rimfire rifle that combines the legendary reliability of the Ruger® 10/22® with the ergonomics and configurability of the Ruger® SR-556.® The SR-22 Rifle places a standard 10/22 action inside a top-quality, American-Made, all-aluminum chassis that is custom manufactured to Ruger specs by Nordic Components, Inc.™

The final product is an affordable, feature-loaded rifle that faithfully replicates the AR-platform dimensions between the sighting plane, buttstock height, and grip. Although it looks really cool out of the box, there is an extensive array of accessories available allowing a custom configuration, limited only by the shooter’s preferences.

Catalog Number: SR-22RSC
Model Number: 1236
Caliber: 22 LR

Stock:Black Synthetic
Sights:Rapid Deploy Sights

Barrel Length:16.12″
Overall Length:34.38″
Weight:6.50 lbs.
Length of Pull:13.00″

Twist:1:16″ RH

CA Approved:Yes
MA Approved & Certified:Yes

Suggested Retail:$649.00

It sure is a pretty looking rifle the Ruger SR-22-RSC. Mind you , all “black guns” look pretty to me! It shoots well, is fairly sturdy (some might say a little heavy) but I personally don’t mind the weight, and it is very customizable!


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